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Renaissance Card Requirements

Students qualify for a Renaissance Card for a semester based on GPA and the criteria listed below:
      - No Unexcused absences in the previous semester
      - No NC's in the previous semester
      - The 4th tardy to a single class or more than 7 total tardies in one 
        semester will result in the removal of Renaissance Card privileges.

**Blue Select: Unweighted 4.00 - All A's
**Blue: Weighted 3.87 +
**Silver: Weighted 3.65 - 3.86
**White: Weighted 3.5 - 3.64

Additional Student Recognition 
**Students improving their GPA by 0.5 or more from one semester to 
    the next
**The student with the most improved GPA from one semester to the 
**Students with perfect attendance